Writing a bFLT Loader for IDA – /dev/ttyS0

I was recently working on some uClinux-based devices and needed to disassemble some of the binaries in the firmware. Unfortunately, IDA doesn’t have a loader for the bFLT file format used by uClinux: No bFLT Loader Fortunately, I was able to find a bFLT loader over at rockbox.org. Unfortunately this… Continue reading

School is in Session! – /dev/ttyS0

As some of you are aware, we’ve been working on creating an embedded systems hacking course. We’ve been busy lately putting together a few invitation-only classes and have gotten some great feedback from our students. The two day beginner’s course is designed to introduce students to hardware and firmware analysis,… Continue reading

Emulating NVRAM in Qemu – /dev/ttyS0

Being able to emulate embedded applications in Qemu is incredibly useful, but not without pitfalls. Probably the most common issue that I’ve run into are binaries that try to read configuration data from NVRAM; since the binary is running in Qemu and not on the target device, there is obviously… Continue reading