Binwalk 0.4.5 Release – /dev/ttyS0

Binwalk 0.4.5 is now available. This release includes a couple of bug fixes, including a (small) memory leak, and a signature parsing bug which prevented certain signatures from loading properly.

A new command line option has been added as well: –dd. This feature instructs Binwalk to extract embedded files that it finds automatically. For example, to extract all ‘gzip’ files and save them with the extension ‘gz’:

$ binwalk firmware.bin --dd=gzip:gz

To extract all gzip files but only the first JFFS2 entry:

$ binwalk firmware.bin --dd=gzip:gz --dd=jffs2:jffs2:1

To extract every file that Binwalk identifies, use the ‘all’ keyword:

$ binwalk firmware.bin --dd=all:dat

All string matches are case insensitive. Extracted files are named by their respective hexadecimal offsets in the original file. The extracted files will contain all data from the offset where the signature was found to EOF.

Get Binwalk 0.4.5 here.

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