Reaver Now Goes to 11 – /dev/ttyS0

The decision has been made to open source the Reaver command line tool. The commercial version will contain the all the features the open source command-line tool has along with a web based client, support, and service options.

This means that the open source version of Reaver will have much requested features, such as identification of WPS enabled networks and pause/resume functionality.

This also means that Reaver will have the ability to specify specific options for a given model inside a database. In other words, if it is known that certain options are required or helpful when attacking XYZ router, you can put them in the database and they will be automatically applied whenever you target that model router. How often the FOSS database will be updated remains to be seen, obviously those paying for the support plan will take priority.

The latest Reaver release (1.3) now also implements the short DH key optimizations described in the original vulnerability release paper, which reduces computation time on the target AP and increases the attack speed.

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