School is in Session! – /dev/ttyS0

As some of you are aware, we’ve been working on creating an embedded systems hacking course. We’ve been busy lately putting together a few invitation-only classes and have gotten some great feedback from our students.

The two day beginner’s course is designed to introduce students to hardware and firmware analysis, reverse engineering tools, and embedded vulnerability discovery and exploitation. It all culminates with students finding 0-days in an actual embedded system and popping some remote root shells!

The classes have been a blast, and will be open to public registration once we find a proper venue. Until then, here’s a few pictures from our first ever class. Thanks to all the guinea pigs students that attended!

Discussing Hardware and Chip Identification

Demonstrating correct soldering technique while waving the soldering iron dangerously close to my face

Students soldering on UART headers

Students finding 0-days and popping shells

The aftermath

The open, unattended ATM machine at the coffee shop across the street

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