IDAScript For Linux and OSX – /dev/ttyS0

Being able to run IDA scripts from the command line is very useful, but can be a bit kludgy. Fortunately, idascript was written to simplify this process. Unfortunately (for me), it was written for Windows.

Since I work primarily in a Linux environment, I re-wrote the idascript utility in Python. I also added a few features to the idascript Python module, for convenience:

  • Script arguments are accessible via the normal sys.argv
  • The script can be terminated via the normal sys.exit function
  • The directory to your collection of IDA scripts (specified during install) is added to sys.path

Installation is straightforward:

eve@eve:~/idascript$ sudo ./ 
Absolute path to your IDA install directory: /opt/ida/bin
Absolute path to the directory where you usually keep all your IDA scripts: /opt/ida/scripts
IDA_INSTALL_PATH = /opt/ida/bin
IDA_SCRIPT_PATH = /opt/ida/scripts
IDA_OUT_FILE = /tmp/idaout.txt

Using existing IDAPython scripts with idascript is as easy as importing the idascript module:

import idascript

print "Cross references to strcpy:"

for xref in XrefsTo(LocByName("strcpy")):
    print "0x%.8X  %s" % (xref.frm, GetDisasm(xref.frm))

And usage of idascript itself is the same as the original idascript utility:

eve@eve:~$ idascript ./target.idb ./ 
Cross references to strcpy:
0x00407F68  jalr    $t9 ; strcpy
0x0040B9B8  jalr    $t9 ; strcpy
0x0040E5BC  jr      $t9 ; strcpy
0x0041D448  jalr    $t9 ; strcpy
0x00422C04  jalr    $t9 ; strcpy
0x00422D04  jalr    $t9 ; strcpy
0x00424C4C  jalr    $t9 ; strcpy
0x00425400  jalr    $t9 ; strcpy
0x00430358  jalr    $t9 ; strcpy
0x0043045C  jalr    $t9 ; strcpy
0x00434118  jalr    $t9 ; strcpy
0x00436A30  jalr    $t9 ; strcpy
0x0043CE48  jalr    $t9 ; strcpy
0x00407F58  la      $t9, strcpy
0x0040B9AC  la      $t9, strcpy
0x0040E598  la      $t9, strcpy
0x0041D440  la      $t9, strcpy
0x00422BF8  la      $t9, strcpy
0x00422CF8  la      $t9, strcpy
0x00422D74  la      $t9, strcpy
0x00424C44  la      $t9, strcpy
0x004253F0  la      $t9, strcpy
0x004302D8  la      $t9, strcpy
0x00430454  la      $t9, strcpy
0x00434110  la      $t9, strcpy
0x00436A28  la      $t9, strcpy
0x0043CE40  la      $t9, strcpy
0x00498ECC  .word strcpy
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