Finding All Paths Between Two Functions in IDA – /dev/ttyS0

A common need that I have when reversing code is to find all possible code paths between two functions. Say for example that I’m looking for calls to dangerous functions, like sprintf, and I want to find all possible code paths that lead from my current function to sprintf. Manually going through the call graph from my starting function can often be, well, tedious:

websReadEvent call graph

Unfortunately I couldn’t find an easy way to make IDA display all code paths between two functions, and only the paths between those two functions. Normal call graphs show everything going to or from a single function, and while proximity view can be told to find a path between two nodes, it only displays the first path that it finds.

So I wrote idapathfinder, a plugin to find all code paths between two functions. This can significantly narrow down the number of paths that require investigation:

All paths between websReadEvent and sprintf

Note that the graphs generated by idapathfinder are solely dependent on IDA’s knowledge of function cross-references, so if for example you have a function that iterates over function pointers in a function table, those relationships will not be identified.

You can download idapathfinder here.

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