Binwalk 1.2.2 Release – /dev/ttyS0

Binwalk 1.2.2 has just been released which introduces some useful new features: Binary diffing of an arbitrary number of files Heuristic compression/encryption analysis Identification of zlib compression streams (implemented via a plugin) Here are three thousand words to demonstrate these new features: Diffing two firmware headers Heuristic analysis of firmware… Continue reading

Finding All Paths Between Two Functions in IDA – /dev/ttyS0

A common need that I have when reversing code is to find all possible code paths between two functions. Say for example that I’m looking for calls to dangerous functions, like sprintf, and I want to find all possible code paths that lead from my current function to sprintf. Manually… Continue reading

Binwalk 1.2 Release – /dev/ttyS0

Binwalk 1.2 has been released, and in addition to the usual signature / speed improvements, it sports several new features: Recursive file scanning and extraction Entropy and strings analysis Plugin support Recursive Extraction Often files extracted by binwalk need to be further scanned / analyzed. This can now be automated… Continue reading

Binwalk v1.0, Now With Python! – /dev/ttyS0

Binwalk 1.0 has just been released and has been completely re-written as a Python module. This means that not only does it feature smarter scanning and signature processing features that were much, much easier to implement in Python, but it is now fully scriptable. Aside from a few new options… Continue reading

Binwalk 0.5 Release – /dev/ttyS0

In celebration of the world not ending, a new version of Binwalk has been released. Notable changes: Much improved signatures for several common file types, particularly JFFS2 “Smart signature” keyword support, for more reliable and faster scans Ability to invoke external applications to process extracted files The latter feature is… Continue reading